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Singer SVCT 4020 Vacuum Cleaner
Singer SVCT 4020

40.00x27.50x36.00 cm
Vacuum Cleaner Singer SVCT 4020
type vacuum cleaner: normal
manufacturer: Singer
suction tube: telescopic
additional functions: avtosmatyvanie cord, storage space for attachments, footswitch on the body
type dust collector: cyclone
type of cleaning: dry
set of brushes: brush floor + carpet, crevice, upholstery, dust
suction power (W): 450.00
power consumption (W): 2200.00
noise level (dB): 80
weight (kg): 5.00
height (cm): 36.00
width (cm): 27.50
depth (cm): 40.00
cable length (m): 5.50
the location of the power regulator: on the body
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Vacuum Cleaner > Singer

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